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Students for Startups

Contribute to sustainable net job growth by lowering the barriers to connecting burgeoning businesses with local talent and free support, enhancing their mutual strength with improved resources.

Strengthening workforce development, job creation and placement creates healthier communities. Removing barriers to resources for startups and micro businesses will help them create and sustain jobs. Giving students more opportunities to work and train with startups and micros in diverse industries will better prepare our workforce. Furthering research will improve sustainable net job creation strategies. Success will be measured by participation rates, participant feedback, and direct measurement of participant job creation and placement.

For the health and welfare of local communities, we need long-term solutions to unemployment. Students for Startups will support the growth of small and young companies, improve training and placement of our current and future workforce, and enhance our knowledge of job creation through further research.

Partnerships will be formed and nurtured with the public, private, and non-profit sectors to create visibility for the program. Students and program participants will further engage interested parties through fundraising, integrated inbound and outbound marketing, and word of mouth.

Annual program costs of $50-100k per pool are limited to center management salaries, student stipends, and software/hardware tools and will be managed by donations, grants, fundraising events, publication and event sponsorships, volunteer hours and participant payments.

Who? Students for Startups directly serves startups, micro businesses and students, as well as providing the local, regional and national population with improved work force development, job creation support, and employment research for a stronger economy.

What? A training, development, research, and support organization to improve sustainable net job creation and strengthen work force development for micro businesses and startups

1) Students will receive internship hours, resume qualifications, diverse on-the-job training, and specialized instruction at one-hour sessions presented by businesses in the program.
2) Organization research will be made available to the public, private and non-profit sectors to support improvements in net job creation rates.
3) Professionals in transition can eliminate holes in their resume by volunteering as working mentors.
4) Lease managers can donate commercial space in exchange for visibility to growing businesses.
5) Educational institutions can donate space to add value to training and placement programs.
6) Small and young companies will be connected with more time and cost effective resources.

Why? Continued high unemployment can only be solved by the creation of net jobs at a rate that can keep pace with the employment market. Startups and small businesses, our engine for job growth, often lack resources (financial, human, physical, intangible). There is a need to increase startup rates and improve the ongoing health of very small, very young companies for a more sustainable and effective job engine.

When/Where/How? High school and college students can apply quarterly to be a part of an intern ‘pool’ managed by business professionals at co-working office spaces set up in their region, and work 10-20 hours per week from pool locations on projects submitted by program clients. Businesses who qualify can send projects via an online form, exchanging 1 hour of training for every ten they utilize and agreeing to interview participants in the program first for any new job openings they have.

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    To volunteer, contribute (I have resources to contribute), intern with the program (I'd like to be a resource), or be considered as a young or startup micro business client (I need resources), visit and click the corresponding button to send us your contact information. You may also simply send an email to engage@(the above web address), or call Jeri at 866-490-3685.

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