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Become Globally Competitive: Take a Geographically Unbound Approach to Commercialization

Over the last decade, Larta has developed and deployed a start-up entrepreneurial education and assistance platform across the globe. This “Network-Centric” approach to enterprise development takes a geographically unbound approach that enhances the global competitiveness of start-ups.

Such an approach aggregates the best global resources drawn from domain and functional experts and professionals working in marketing, branding, research, law and other relevant areas. These resources are tailored to the unique needs of individual innovators, and are served up “just in time”, truly aligned with the breakneck pace of commerce courtesy of the Web, the demand for externally-developed innovations and the dispersed nature of capital, customers and talent. The platform has developed robust programs in one-on-one mentorship, feedback sessions, educational workshops and webinars and partnership events and showcases. It succeeds where curricular programs and approaches fall short: in preparing start-ups and spin-offs for a frenzied, complex, asymmetrical global marketplace, in enabling them to compete vigorously while being extremely efficient at resource and capital allocation, and in helping them focus on their core abilities by partnering early and extensively.

In addressing the needs of start-ups emerging from university-funded research, universities will be better served if they tapped into external, road-tested programs with a track record of success like Larta’s CAP (Commercialization Assistance Program).

Larta Institute has grown its global network and employed the “Network-Centric” model for more than 19 years with over 3,200 publicly funded innovators – many with their roots in universities such as MIT, Stanford, Duke, Columbia and Notre Dame – yielding 29 acquisitions, $575M+ in financing and more than 1,800 new jobs since 2005 alone.

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