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ASU creates Alexandria Network to create and support co-working spaces in libraries

Alexandria Network – Democratizing Entrepreneurship

The Alexandria Network is one of the ‘new ideas’ projects from ASU’s Venture Catalyst unit, along with the Furnace Technology Transfer Accelerator. The Alexandria Network is designed to provide support for the innovation economy within designated libraries, eventually creating a network of locations across the greater Phoenix area and then across the state of Arizona.

These new locations, called EUREKA spaces, will combine elements of the now popular co-working spaces, along with expert library fact-finding services, and ASU startup resources, into one designated place that innovators and entrepreneurs can use on a daily basis to work on their ideas while also getting mentorship, advice and access to some ‘pracademic’ classes both online and in the libraries.

Using proven startup content, experienced entrepreneurial mentors, and ‘pracademic’ teaching modules from our successful Rapid Startup School, ASU will support these new co-working and development spaces in designated libraries. The long term objective is to support the hundreds of inventors, problem solvers, entrepreneurs, micro- and small-businesses from across Arizona that need help to advance their ideas.

Being an inventor, problem solver or entrepreneur is often a lonely task. The EUREKA locations will serve as places for people to connect, as individual networking amongst participants is an important part of the concept. Moreover, local library staff will act as ‘champions’ by offering advice and support to their community of innovators.

The ASU mentor network will be activated to provide additional expert entrepreneurial support. Online and digital assets from the library system and ASU will also be leveraged to provide additional guidance for the varied users of the EUREKA locations.

The Alexandria Network is interested in hearing from individuals, mentors and organizations that are interested in supporting this innovation. More details on the resources, classes and supports that will be available will be announced when the pilot location is officially opened in early March.

For more information on becoming an Alexandria Network location please contact:

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